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Hey there, I am Daun Green the owner and operator of Dusk 'Til Daun, Llc.

I'm just a girl from Detroit, MI who decided to go for it...I asked for God's guidance to lead me in my purpose...




Daun Green  Photographer Sweet Obsession Films  Fashion Stylist Styled by Classic Centry, Llc

Daun Green

Photographer Sweet Obsession Films

Fashion Stylist Styled by Classic Centry, Llc

Daun Green  Photographer Sweet Obsession Films

Daun Green

Photographer Sweet Obsession Films


It all started with a dream that I turn into my goals...

I am a self-taught, fashion stylist based in Detroit, MI. I started off at Walk Fashion Show under my mentor Emma, who's the owner and operator of Styled by Classic Centry.  Within the first few hours of production, I was anxious because I know the bar was set high to produce a great fashion show.  Let me just say this, if you've never been backstage of a fashion show, it's very fast paced and you're moving faster than your mind, during this time while we're rushing and running backstage and upstairs to notify the next designer...I was at peace and felt a sense of comfort!  At that moment I knew that this was my purpose because I didn't feel like I was working at all...


I love being apart of a wardrobe team, I enjoy producing fashion shows, I am delighted to be a creative director of some superb photo shoots, I love styling different clients and I am passionate about style and providing someone with their indiviual style that best suits them. 

Confidence is the best outfit and self respect goes so well with it
— Daun Green

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Model 101

The Model Bag

Being a model is beyond a cute face and strut on the runway that will captivate the room, you must do your share behind the scenes as well.  The model bag is a necessity for photo shoots and fashion shows! Please take note my fabulous diva’s and suave men on the items that each of you should have in your model bags:


Backstage with Dusk Til Daun, Llc. 

Fashion Etiquette from a Fashionista


model 103

Oh My! What's That?

I have such a sensitive nose and sometimes backstage I can smell several different fragrances, hunti some are welcoming and some quite not so much!  When you’re wearing other people garments,hygiene is a must. You can take an alcohol wipe and take away the odor for sure to control that onion smell.  Also, use spray deodorant (perfer clear deodrant) and apply that under your arms once the garment is on your body.  Divas, there’s nothing wrong with wearing a panty liner to prevent any damage to the garment, please by all means do that because you’re being considerate of the designer’s clothes.

Do what you want but make sure to do it with love
— daun green